How to Unlock the Carian Study Hall in Elden ring

The Carian study hall in Elden ring is one of the most dungeons players can easily find within the Elden ring’s Liurnia of the lake territory. Although finding it is not too hard difficult. For it, the players need to unlock the area and invert it. Once the area is unlocked and inverted successfully then the area will be transverse easily.

Here we are going to tell you How to unlock the Carian study hall in Elden ring. This is a complete step-by-step guide for you that will help you with how to unlock the Carian study hall in Elden ring.

How to unlock the Carian study hall in Elden ring

To unlock the Carian study hall you need to defeat the Rennala of the full Moon at the Raya Lucaria Academy. Once you have defeated her. Then you will find the empty altar just inside past the sorcerer. After finding this altar you need to search for a specific item to invert the Carian Study Hall.

You will require a Carian Inverted Statue to the place on Altar. Following these steps will help you to invert the Study hall. There is a sort of quest that you need to complete to get the statue.

Trick to access all the Carian Study Halls

Here you will understand the complete process to find the Carian Study hall and how to access the entire area of it.

The Carian Study hall is located in the easternmost part of Liurnia, along the coast. Once you access the first part then you need to complete a side quest to be able to explore the rest.

Tip to unlock all the Carian Study Halls

Here you will learn how to unlock all the Caria Study Halls this will help you with How to unlock the Carian study hall in Elden ring too.

How to unlock the Carian study hall in Elden ring
How to unlock the Carian study hall in Elden ring

To unlock all the Carian study hall. You need to follow the steps that are given below. So read all of them carefully and follow step by step to unlock all the Carian study halls. Before it, you should read the name and functions of all Elden Ring bosses. These are given below:

S. No.Bosses NamesInfo
1.One Great Rune carrierBoss
2.Draconic Tree SentinelCapital Outskirts
3.Fire GiantMountaintops of the Giants
4.Ancestor SpiritHallowhorn Grounds
5.Godskin DuoCrumbling Farum Azula
6.Dragonkin Soldier of NokstellaAinsel River
7.Radagon of the Golden OrderLeyndell
8.Red Wolf of RadagonRaya Lucaria Academy
9.Maliketh (the Black Blade)Crumbling Farum Azula
10.Shardbearer RykardMt. Gelmir
11.Godfrey (First Elden Lord)Leyndell
  1. First of all, you need to Defeat Caelid’s main boss, who is located beyond Redmane Castle in the southeastern corner.
  2. Once you have completed the first step. Now you need to clear the hidden secret boss in the Black Knife Catacombs in Liurnia.
  3. In order to get access to the hidden boss, you need to climb on top of the last giant blade trap and then ride it up to the upper level.
  4. Then you should destroy an illusory wall to reveal the boss door.
  5. Now you will get a Black Knife Mark from the boss back to Rogier at Roundtable Hold.
  6. Return back to Rogier and he will be able to tell you more.
  7. Head northwest of Caria Manor in northwestern Liurnia and then you should go into Ranni’s Rise on the west and speak to Ranni.
  8. When you speak to Ranni, She will turn you away, so return to Rogier and speak to him once again.
  9. He will suggest you offer Ranni your service, so go back to Ranni and do just the same as he told you.
  10. She will see right through you, but it does not matter at all.
  11. Next, you need to travel to Mistwood in eastern Limgrave and go through the crater in the ground to reach Nokron, Eternal City.
  12. After reaching the Ancestral Woods Site of Grace, drop off the ledge to the rooftops and start following the path all the way to the end of Night’s Sacred Ground.
  13. Now you need to find the giant corpse sitting on the massive throne and then go underneath it to loot the chest and search for the Finger Slayer Blade.
  14. Then bring the blade back to Ranni, and she will provide you with the Carian Inverted Statue.
  15. At this spot, you should take the Hourglass back to Carian Study Hall and place it on the pedestal. Once you place it there then it will unlock the rest of Carian Study Hall, then explore it.

Other Articles for your reference

What does the Carian inverted statue do?

The Carian Inverted statue is a key item in it. This will help you in unlocking a secret room in the Carian study hall. In order to unlock the Caran study hall in Elden ring, you should read the post given below. This provides you step by step guidance.

How do you get through Carian study hall?

If you want to get through the Carian study hall you have to jump down onto the chandeliers very carefully. Now start dropping onto the rafters one by one. There is a wooden lift at the bottom that you must land on. You will reach the Divine Tower of Liurnia through that lift.

What to do after giving Ranni the blade?

Once you have given the blade to Ranni, you will find that the tower is now no longer barred at all. And now you can easily enter into it and then go to the top.

How do I get to the other side of Carian study hall?

Firstly you need to look at your surroundings carefully so you may notice that there’s a space for an item on the altar as soon as you enter the hall. This is the place where the Carian Inverted Statue goes. Once you place the statue on that altar, it will start inverting the Carian Study Hall.

How do you beat Elden’s ring in Carian study hall?

Once you have looted the Finger Slayer Blade, then you need to return to Ranni at Renna’s Rise in northeast Liurnia. Then provide that blade to her and she will give you the Inverted Statue. Then Go back to Carian Study Hall and place the statue on the pedestal that is in front of the globe on the desk. This will flip the complete study hall upside down.

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