Is your blog the number one resource for your niche

Is your blog the number one resource for your niche?

After analyzing blogs and websites on Google for days, I’ve found that most of the best sites and blogs have one thing in common: all niche resources. This is what the search engines are looking for and this is what we should build our blog into. We should make our blog a # 1 resource for our niche keywords.

You might not understand what I mean above, so I decided to do some analysis on a website that is one of the # 1 resources for most investors and traders: Investopedia. com

Analysis on

If you are one of those people who invests money in mutual funds, stocks, currencies, etc., you might know what is.

As you can see, traffic value shows that earns over $ 145,000 per day. Imagine that you are the webmaster of, you can be a free one and travel the world and still with all the money that comes in every day. The webmaster earns $ 145,000 or more per day online!

This is the importance of making your blog the number 1 resource for your niche.

How to make your blog the number 1 resource for your niche

In order to compete with all the competition in the blogosphere, you will have to work very hard to get your blog to the top. It is not easy because you have to pack your blog with complete information about the niche and the keywords you are talking about on your blog.

High quality and insightful articles

Unique, well-written articles

Don’t be selfish, share what you know to your readers using your blog

Well organized your blog by creating more specified sections

The above are all the important criteria to start a better blog. If you want your blog to rank as the # 1 source for your niche then you need to add a lot of content to your blog and of course you need to make sure that these articles are of high quality and informative to the readers.

Do you want to earn $ 145,000 a day from your blog? If so, start revamping your blog and make money blogging.

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