what are the functions of bone, cartilage, ligament and tendon

Q- What is function of bone, cartilage, ligament and tendon?

Answer- Bone: Bone is hard part of body. Matrix of bone is consisted of 60 to 70 percent organic matter that is ossein and 30 to 35 per cent inorganic matter that is calcium phosphate. The main function of bone is to provide support and frame to body in form of skeleton system and also protect organs such as brain. Heart e.t.c. .

Cartilage: The cartilage is formed of chemical that is organic in nature (chondrin). The matrix or cytoplasm of cartilage is softer, flexible and non-vasculated.

The main function of cartilage is to help in absorption of mechanical shocks.

Ligament: The ligament is formed of yellow fibrous connective tissue. It is elastic and flexible in nature. The ligament joins bone to bone. They are irregularly spread in matrix.

The main function of ligament is to join bone to bone.

Tendon: The Tendon is formed of white fibrous connective tissue. It is tough and non-flexible in nature. The tendon joins muscles to bone. They are arranged in rows.

The main function of tendon is to join bone to muscle.

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