what does Executive mean

Q- What does executive mean?

Answer- Executive a body of government of country which helps in proper functioning of government in other words it is the backbone of a country. The executive is a body which includes all the members or people who were engaged in the functioning of country. The executive is mainly of two types:

1. Permanent Executive:

A permanents executive includes all the Civil servants and other government officials. These are known as Permanent Executive as the employees in this executive have job security and cannot be removed from jobs only appointed.

The civil servants are employed according to different towns to control or manage that area. This helped a lot in providing proper service to public as one cannot control a large area but the different civil servants can handle it in same parts easily.

2. Political Executive:

Political Executive includes the entire minister and the representatives who are elected by the people or they were appointed through elections. The people who came under the category of Political Executive do not have job security as their job depends on their work. The more they satisfy the public longer they can get elected by public. These includes all MLAs, MLCs, Prime Minister e.t.c. .

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