What is Coriolis force in Geography

Q- What is Coriolis force?

Answer- Coriolis force refers to an apparent force that is caused due to the rotation of planet Earth. Coriolis force is also responsible for deflecting winds towards the right in the northern hemisphere and left in the southern hemisphere.

One of the special effects that Coriolis force causes on the world’s climate is that the trade winds move from sub-tropical high-pressure belts to equatorial low-pressure belts to become north-east trade winds in the northern hemisphere and south-east trade winds in the southern hemisphere. As a result, they bring heavy rainfall to the east coast and the west coast remains dry.

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What is Coriolis force in geography?

In the above paragraph, we talk about the Coriolis force on the basis of geography. Now I am going to tell you about Coriolis force in physics. The Coriolis effect is one of the most apparent in the path of a longitudinally moving object. There are two main reasons for the phenomenon of Coriolis force or motion. These two main reasons are given below:

  1. The eastward rotational movement of planet Earth.
  2. The function of latitude is the tangential velocity of a point on Earth.
what is coriolis force in geography
what is Coriolis force in geography

When we talk about Coriolis force and Coriolis motion so a new term came into our mind that is ‘Coriolis deflection’. Coriolis deflection belongs to the motion of an object, of latitude, and of planet Earth. The Coriolis effects have several advantages in stellar dynamics and astrophysics. In it, the Coriolis effect controls the direction of rotation of sunspots. Nowadays Coriolis effects play a very crucial role in Earth science, specially Oceanology, meteorology as well as physical geography.

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