What is therapy? Describe various mode of therapy of infectious diseases

Q- What is therapy? Describe various mode of therapy of infectious diseases.

Answer- Therapy is a kind of medical treatment that involves the attempted remediation of any health-related problem using some medical diagnosis. It’s a kind of rule in therapy that each therapy has some contraindications as well as indications.

There are several kinds of therapies that are used for treating several different health problems. It is not sure that all therapies are safe and effective because sometimes because of certain factors therapies lead to several adverse effects (side effects).

There are many modes of therapy for infectious diseases but mainly it is categorized into two main modes. These are given below with a brief description:

Symptom-directed treatment: Symptom-directed treatment includes taking several measures to reduce or decrease the symptoms of the disease. This can be done by taking certain medicines that are best for that particular disease symptom. Some of the examples of Symptom directed treatment of diseases are given below.

  • Take Antihistamine tablets to reduce inflammation and allergy.
  • Taking Antipyretics to treat low fever.
  • Taking Analgesics to get relief from pain.

Pathogen-directed treatment: Pathogen-directed treatment includes the killing of the pathogen of a certain disease with the help of some specific chemicals that block the metabolic pathways of that microbe and also inhibit their multiplication.

One of the best chemicals that helps in inhibiting the multiplication of bacteria and viruses of a certain disease is Antibiotics. The method of killing microbes of any disease using antibiotics is called antibiosis and different antibiotics have different ways to kill microbes.

Some examples of medically important antibiotics are Penicillin, Erythromycin, Streptomycin, Terramycin, Chloromycetin, Tetracycline, etc.

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