why is epidermis important for the plants

Q- Why is epidermis important for the plants?

Answer- Epidermis layer is the structure that protects the plant body against the invasion of parasites. It is the other most layer of plant that is why it is responsible for protecting germs entry. It is also a water proof layer as in some organs it is covered with cuticle layer that makes it water proof.

Epidermis is important for the plants because of many reasons. Some main reasons are as follows:

1. Epidermis act as germ proof layer checks loss of water from plant through process of transpiration. 

2. It protects the internal tissues from mechanical injuries.

3. It acts as water proof layer and checks loss of water by transpiration.

4. It has stomata that help in exchange of gases during respiration and photosynthesis. Stomata also act as site of transpiration.

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