World War first left russia in such a situation that it led to february revolution in petrograd do you agree

Q- “World War first left Russia in such a situation that it led to February revolution in Petrograd.” Do you agree?

Answer- Yes I agrees that, Worlds War 1 left Russia in such a situation that it led to February revolution in Petrograd due to the following reasons:

1. In the winter of 1917, situation in the Petrograd was grim. In February 1917, food shortage were deeply felt in the workers quarters, leading to lockout and about fifty factories called a strike.

2. Large supplies of grains were sent to feed the troops of army. That leads to scarcity of breads and food grains in market for common people.

3. Able-bodies men were called up to the war. As a result, there was labour shortage and small workshop producing essentials were shut down.

4. Industrial equipments disintegrated more rapidly in Russia then Elsewhere in Europe. By 1916 railway lines leads to break down.

5. The war had a very big impact on Industries. Russia’s own industries were very few in number and the country of cut off from other suppliers of Industrial goods by the German control of the Beltic Sea.

6. As they retreated, Russian army destroyed crops and buildings to avoid troops of other country enter in their area. That destruction of crop and building is a very big loss of Russia.

7. In World War the Russian army get defeated very badly by Austria and German army in 1914 and 1916.

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