Write a short note on genetic improvement of crop plant

Q- Write a short note on genetic improvement of crop plant.

Answer- Genetic improvement of crop is done to improve crop breed as well as their yield. 

There are two main ways or methods to improve crop variety:

1. Selection: Selection is the process of improving the crop variety. It must have started with the primitive man. At early time the primitive mans used to use this techniques to improve crop variety. The process of selection is also done in two ways:

(a) Natural selection

(b) Artificial selection

2. Hybridisation: Hybridisation is the process of crossing of two plants differing from each other genotypically in one or more traits.

There are many objectives of hybridisation. Some of them are as follows:

1. To increase as well as generate the genetic variations through recombination.

2. To produce or form a single variety having combination of good characters.

3. One of the main objective of hybridisation is to exploit as well as utilize the hybrid vigor.

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