Write down the differences between a delta and an estuary

Q- Write down the difference between a delta and an estuary?



1. Delta is a triangular-shaped piece of land, which is formed of the mouth of the river, when it meets the sea.

2. Delta shows an extension of land into the sea. It is continuously growing. 

3. Delta is formed due to the drainage of a particular river all its tributaries. 

4. The world’s largest and the fastest growing delta is the Ganga-Brahmaputra delta known as Sunderban delta.


1. An estuary is an inlet which is formed generally by the submergence of the mouth of river.

2. It is a single mouth of channel. It has steep banks or slopes. When an estuary is formed, sea is deep. 

3. Estuaries produce an indented coastline and provide sites for natural harbours. They create conditions for better navigation.

4. The mouth of rivers Narmada and Tapi present good examples of estuaries.

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