Write two differences between acute and chronic disease

Q- Write two differences between acute and chronic disease.

Answer- Both acute and chronic disease are just opposite to each other. You can understand this point by the points given below:

1. Acute diseases are those diseases that occurs rapidly but ends after a short period whereas chronic diseases are those disease that occurs slowly but ends very late.

2. Acute diseases are caused due to viruses or microbe while chronic disease spread due to unhealthy diet, malnutrition, not proper hygiene etc. .

3. Acute disease causes due to spread of microbe from body of infected person to body of a healthy person but in case of chronic disease, they causes due to drugs, alcohol, malnutrition etc. .

4. Most of the acute disease can be treated easily but chronic disease cannot be treated easily and sometime they leads to death.

5. Acute diseases are very rapidly causing disease on the other hand the chronic disease took a long time period as it is a long developing syndrome.

6. Acute disease can be caused to people of any age group but chronic disease mostly spread among teenagers.

7. Some examples of acute diseases are- Asthma, Cold, Flu, Bronchitis, Pneumonia, Heart attack as well as other respiratory infections. And some examples of chronic diseases are- Diabetes, Obesity, High cholesterol, High blood pressure, Arthritis etc. .

8. Chronic disease are more dangerous than acute diseases.

9. Most of the patients suffering from chronic disease took a very long period to recover and sometimes they becomes disable. In case of acute disease most of the patients recover very easily and some took time to recover but not too long.

10. It is very easy to prevent chronic diseases as compared to acute diseases. Prevention of both of them are as follows:


Points that we should follow to prevent acute diseases:

(a) We should use sanitizers or wash hand before eating food.

(b) We should prevent street food and prefer food prepared at home.

(c) We should use mask or cover our mouth and nose with any cloth in public places such as- parks, offices, grounds, street etc. .

(d) We should consume clean and fresh water.

(e) We should maintain our surrounding neat and clean.

(f) We should not throw waste or garbage in public places as it causes pollution.


Points that we should follow to prevent chronic diseases: 

(a) We should not smoke.

(b) We should not consume any type of drug such as alcohol etc. .

(c) We should not eat too much fast food or junk food and must prefer healthy food.

(d) We should do regular exercise and meditation.

(e) We should do yoga regularly at morning time.

(f) We should avoid junk food and also do not use plastic items to store food material.


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